Writers Wanted!

Hello everyone! Git Galaxy is working very hard to get off the ground right now, and in order to speed things up a bit I'm putting out a call for writers. It's on-the-side or "part time" work, but the goal is primarily to give others a platform to speak on or contribute to the open-source community as a whole. As a writer you'll have essentially the ability to post completely uncensored (but slightly edited as deemed fit) articles that have to do with open source technology. This is also a paid position, based both on the quality of the article and the initial impressions (the fee is not based solely on impressions though, quality is a much more important factor).

An ideal candidate should have the following skills:

  • English as a primary language. While we do want to branch into other languages, we want to start off in the language that we feel most comfortable in.

  • Experience with using and publishing open source software. Github links would be preferable - recent repository activity is important, and a strong community is a big plus.

  • An eye for a story. The candidate should be able to investigate potentially interesting projects, either through contacting the developer or digging through the source code.

  • Able to translate tech jargon to English. While highly technical writeups are allowed, the value of being able to explain things in plain english is valuable.

We'd also prefer candidates who are 18 and older, however age is a less important factor.

Ideally, you'd already have some written work as well that you are able to show to us. This can take the form of technical reviews, developer updates, etc. on your personal blog or a larger website.

We'd also love people who are willing to contribute both to the written side of this website as well as the upcoming audio side, either as a fellow host or written shownotes.

To apply, send a cover letter and your resume/CV to contact@gitgalaxy.com. Please link to any and all samples of your work.