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/r/webdev FAQ

For a long while now I’ve taken to perusing the /r/webdev subreddit, and have taken to doing my absolute best to answer any question I come across both in the beginner questions sticky thread and any up and coming posts in the new section. I’ve noticed over time many questions are asked quite often, so I thought I would go through and aggregate ... Read more

Building Pogo

It’s been a while since I’ve made an effort to write a story for Git Galaxy. But we’re picking up on a strong note - the background and story of Pogo, a podcast feed platform I’ve been working on for the past eight or so months. It began before Git Galaxy in it’s current incantation, but pretty near enough the two are associated in my mind. I w... Read more

Moving to GitHub Pages

So you may have noticed some downtime recently, after the publishing of our open letter, and defiently notice the change of design. You can check that letter out for more details on this decision, but I want to go into some of the details and the experience of moving to GitHub Pages. The first hurdle to get over was getting our posts off of our... Read more

Changing My View of Frameworks

JavaScript frameworks tout features like making it “painless to create interactive UIs” and being “Approachable”, so why have I held off learning one for so long? For the longest time now, I have been a huge supporter of avoiding frameworks, especially frontend JavaScript libraries, in favour of writing everything as close to “bare metal” (as c... Read more

Writing an "emotional" chat bot

A lot of things have changed since the beginning of computers. At first we used to type everything out in such a mechanical fashion – in a way a computer could understand. The first “voice commands” couldn’t understand you if you were off one or two words. But, in 2017, it’s much different. Now you can phrase any question to Google Assistant an... Read more