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A Look at Hacktoberfest

DigitalOcean and Github have teamed up to encourage people to contribute to open source - but what exactly is “Hacktoberfest”, and what does it mean for the larger Github community? Let’s talk about the two companies behind this. There’s Github, the well known and massively popular git repository hosting platform on which the competition is bei... Read more

README: Monetization

It should be no secret that Git Galaxy is sort of a money sink right now, with no monetization enabled. This changes today. First, to the uninitiated, let’s talk about why this is such an important move. For months now I have been running Git Galaxy out of my own pocket, financing this startup with my own capital. While it could easily run for ... Read more

NodeMC: How Open Source Can Crash and Burn Into Something Beautiful

Minecraft, almost everyone has heard of it. It started out as a small indie game, and has since then become one of the best selling games of all time. Kids are fascinated with it, adults are ashamed to admit that they still play it. Regardless, one has to admit that it’s been a prime influence on society today. One that doesn’t appear to be goi... Read more

Opening Schools to the Students

Open source schooling is more possible than you’d think. I have recently started school once again, going to a fairly average North American high school here in British Columbia. While I have been out of the loop for a while (mostly homeschooled), I’ve come face to face with the realities of the public school system. While most people see the s... Read more

Companies Open Source: Walmart

Companies Open Source is a series where we explore projects from large companies that have been open sourced. Walmart is an absolute juggarnaut in the consumer world, with stores selling everything from clothing to produce to televisions to outdoor supplies. As such, they need an infrastructure that is able to handle massive amounts of traffic,... Read more