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GitHub Stargazing - June 30, 2017

It’s time to do a roundup of the weekly trending repositories on GitHub, and cover exactly what each is trying to accomplish and what language it is written in.

magic-wormhole Python

magic-wormhole is primarily a library for transferring files from one computer to another using “wormhole codes” over the internet. It also provides a small command-line interface for demonstrating it’s capabilities, which includes generating said “wormhole codes” and sending files via a websocket-based server that acts as a proxy so not to reveal the IP address of the sender. It was created to help in situations in where two people must transfer a file securely and quickly, in say, a phone call.


TenserFlow-World Python & Jupyter Notebook

The goal of TenserFlow-World is to allow other to learn the basics of Machine Learning with TenserFlow. It covers the basics from setting up a basic environment to larger neural-network concepts.


pencil JavaScript

Pencil is a long-running graphical user interface prototyper by Evolus, a Vietnam-based company who also develops an application for small clinics to manage their patients information. It has recently been rebuilt completely, moving from Mozilla XULRunner to Electron, the much loved Chromium-based webapp wrapper, under the name Pencil V3.


react-express JavaScript

react-express is a collection of guides for getting started with React, including create-react-app, webpack, babel, ES2015/2016 and more. It is a very opinionated walkthrough aimed at beginners.


VirtualAPK Java

This is a really neat idea - It’s a framework for adding plugins into your (native) Android application, thus allowing yourself or other developers to add on to your app. It does so seamlessly, not requiring any input from the user, and could be extremely useful for something like the Hue app (just throwing that idea out there). As a side note, it requires Android API version 14+, or Ice Cream Sandwich and above.