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Podcast Update!

Hello! So, it’s been a little while since the last update, and in that time I’ve made some fairly decent progress on fully testing White Rabbit. While I am still scratching my head over how to implement iTunes-specific XML tags into the gorilla/feeds library, I’ve gone ahead and deployed it to a Droplet. It’s a small, 512MB VPS (the original ... Read more

README: Podcast

So for the past couple weeks, I have been working on a podcasting platform app in Go (one of the programming languages by Google) that can automatically generate a podcast RSS feed based on a flat-file directory structure. Basically how it works is by using specially formatted episode names to parse out info for the episode, and pull info f... Read more

GitHub Stargazing - June 30, 2017

It’s time to do a roundup of the weekly trending repositories on GitHub, and cover exactly what each is trying to accomplish and what language it is written in. magic-wormhole Python magic-wormhole is primarily a library for transferring files from one computer to another using “wormhole codes” over the internet. It also provides a small comma... Read more